The Cheerz - Na**Y Pu**Y [HO-JU Records] video

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The Cheerz sound is kinda a new Bubble-Gum flavoured with Lip Gloss and Booty Shakin'

Half-Girls , Half-Amazing we take the time to improve our freshness this summer
nah kidding , you know we make beats for fun and for our girls

Between seeking for the new fashion and sexy Bikinis/Clothes/Shoes to enjoy Indian Summer, goin' in the hypest parties, visiting our grandmothers in Florida,reading Cosmo and updating Facebook we got time to make some traxxxx

we thank all of you who supports us and our nerdicious trax made with tapedecks

and to get some news here are they :
- our girl Lindsey finally graduates in Psychology, thanx to her summer vacation in Rome
- Brandy is no more jailbait she is now 21 and speaks 3 languages , thanx to her summer vacation in Rio
- Caitlin found the love of her life for the 31 times this summer, thanx to her summer vacation in Paris
- and for us : we got a remix for Danny Soundz and Ruel Quiroz 's "Rock the House" on Sick Recordings available the 1st september (check Beatport) and The Birth EP is comin' on Ho-JU Records

So you know we love you and don't forget to support your local cheerleaders team, Ho-Ju, MovelTraxx, Sick Recordings and the others great labels cause that's so 2009, that's so Cheerz

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