Dj Tuco - Mix for Cheerz Squad : This is How He Does It

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You gotta Love DJ TUCO!!!!!!!!!! WHY ??????????

because with a bottle of who knows alcohol in his hand and such a happy cute face he just want to give you a hug and share with you some eastern love !!!! so here is a personnal message for you Mister Tuco : we want a remix from you and remix you and collaborate with you and don't be selfish share with us that bottle ahahaha

anyway here is a perfect mix for whatever you are doing dumb shit right now just enjoy the ride and please be kind put it on repeat young lovers

the man speaks "Hey here is the mix I promised for you blog, it's entirely my tracks or stuff I have collaborated on! a couple of the newer ones aren't mastered yet but sound ok on a mix! My bio is on my myspace and I uploaded a photo, but I dont have many good ones :) Hope you enjoy it, many thanks Tuco"

Many Thanx to YOU


Dj Tuco - Mix for  Cheerz Squad


1. Dj Tuco & Quime - Ass Passion
2. Jonny Local - World is Goin' Crazy
3. Jonny Local - Mesmorizing
4. Jonny Local - Haterz (Can't Get Past That_
5. Dj Tuco - Hustla (Club Edit)
6. Pacific Steppaz - Pacific Steppaz (Dj Tuco club remix)
7. Pacific Steppaz - Pacifc Steppaz
8. Dj Tuco & Quime - Smack Dat Ass
9. Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Dj Tuco & Trusty remix)
10. Dj Tuco - No Man Remix
11. Dj Tuco X Sasha Grey - Every Last Drop
12. Dj Tuco - Disco Kicks
13. Dj Tuco - Disco Kicks (Dj Edgar Baile Funk remix)
14. Dj Tuco - Omnibot JR
15. Naifian - Blue Snow (Dj Tuco Ghetto House remix)
16. Pacific Steppaz - Gerrard ll (Sat In Silence)


worship the homie :


Dj Tuco


check his wonderful blog and label :




The Cheerz Mix 8 is DOWN / For a re up please ask Santa Claus ( or us when we got enough of Cakes to do it again !!!!)


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